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Dr. Harb Al-Omari is consultant Dermatology, Andrology & STDs.

He got Bachelor, Diploma, Mastership & Doctorate  from Faculty of Medicine of Cairo University & his training was in El Kasr El Ainy Medical Complex which is one of the most respected medical facility in Arabia.

In additional to his residency program he was trained heavily in the department of Surgery affiliated to Andrology section. He mastered the most  sophisticated surgeries in that section, later this training made him mastering the Procedural Dermatology.

In the eighties he was working in King Fahad University Hospital, in Al-Khubar, Saudi Arabia. He was involved in Diagnostic, Therapeutic & Procedural Dermatology rendering services as referral hospital & teaching to medical students. In the mid eighties he was assigned to part time practice in Al-Akrabia Medical Center of MOH in Al-Khobar to refine referral of patients to KFUH & help in teaching the Primary Care candidates practicing at that center.

In the beginning of nineties he quite academia to practice in private section, Gulf Medical Center which he started & planed it as an exceptional pioneering private institution. The GMC legendary success made it a model in Saudi Arabia that was followed later by many other institutions.

In the mid of nineties he created Al-Khobar Medical Center where he started heavily utilizing lasers in his practice with great success.

In early days of this century he shifted to Bahrain where he created Skin Health Center following the same philosophy of synchronizing diagnostic, therapeutic & procedural dermatology. At that time he also practiced locum in Bahrain Defense Force Hospital & Al-Manaa General Hospital in Al-Khobar. Later because of the swelling of patients and clients he quite BDFH & confined to his own center and locum in AGH until to-date.

Dr. Harb is famous as meticulous refined Dermatologist in the whole GCC region where he has his pool of patient. He did not quite diagnostic dermatology as many did by shifting to Aestheology because he feels he is in a mission to serve population in academic methods rendered in his private practice. Through his long practice life he always attended conferences locally & internationally with sharing actively in long list of workshops & training courses because he always thought he must be a neck ahead in his field. He presented many talks in international conferences & had has been invited  to presentations when many of the newly drugs are lunched by top pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Harb Al-Omari,
MB Bch, DVD, MS, MD (Doctorate)
Cairo University,


Dermatology & STDs

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